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Recycline Toothbrushes July 12, 2008

Have you heard of the brand Recycline? Well they create a series of recycled products that also come in packaging that has a low impact on the planet.

recycline toothbrush

recycline toothbrush

For example, they carry the Recycline toothbrush, which is made out of recycled plastic. The Recycline toothbush is only one of the products they make out of recycled plastic material. They also carry recycled plastic razors, razor replacement cartridges, and a junior Recycline toothbrush.

Eco retailer Nimli carries the line of Recycline products, and so do some Walmart stores. TreeHugger also discussed the Recycline Preserve toothbrush on their website. They seem to have given it a positive review.


Cute Recycled Leather Sandals

Beautiful and eco friendly sandals made using recycled leather material. These are a Be Good Designs product, which means the leather used is recycled.

Be Good Designs specializes in recycled leather shoes, sandals, bags, and accessories. They are also a member of 1% for the planet, which means they give 1% of their net sales proceeds to charity. To view more of their eco products, head to their website.

The recycled leather sandals featured above were found at Nimli, an eco friendly online retailer. They carry a variety of sustainable brands and designers.

Summer is not over, there is still time to wear some hot green fashions, before the cool comes our way.



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